Web Presence

We are the provider of Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Website designing, SSL Certificates, Enterprice email and E-commerce Payment Gateway Intergrator.


Microsoft Azure

We help our customer in Microsoft Azure Services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) like-

LIFT-n-SHIFT (Migration) / DR Setup

Azure Administration / Support

Azure Workshop / Training

Custom Runbooks, Automation

NAMISITE Web Hosting

Web Hosting Support

We are ICANN partner with multiple dedicated data centers across the globe. We provide all the Web hosting needs like SSL, Web development, mobile app development etc.

NAMISITE Azure IaaS Support

Azure IaaS Support

We support the Microsoft Azure IaaS - Web, DB, SharePoint, SAP, ERP, Custom Apps - Runbooks, Automation, Migration, Administration and  monitoring with dedicated resrource.

NAMISITE -Office 365 Migration, Administration and Support

Office 365 Support

We support the Microsoft Office 365 - EOP, SFB, Onedrive, ATP and other features- Implementation, Administration and governance with dedicated resource.

NAMISITE-Web development & OpenSource

Mobile App / OpenSource

We do the Custom Web App, Mobile App development on .NET / OpenSource. We do the development, consultancy, Administration and governance with dedicated resource.

Our Support in Corporates !

We support the corporate for their Resource onboarding (Get to hire) or in Resource Outsourcing needs.

We support the corpoare for their IT infrastructure assessment and Linf-n-shift on MIcrosoft Azure.

We provide the support on Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS and Office 365 services.

We provide the Technical Assitance for all IT Infra need that a corporate in need.