Social Presence & Promotions

We help the Social Personnel, any Enterprises or the companies who wants to promote their business or services as in e-Newsletter or products marketing. We help to promote their business based on location, product and services. We use the social media services like - Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube etc.. We also use the Bulk email and SMS gateway services.

Promotion with Facebook / Instagram
10 posts per month
  • Photo design
  • Tagging Users
  • Paid  Booster used for promotion
  • Customized templates
Promotion with WhatsApp / Bulk SMS
10 posts per month
  • Photo design
  • Trailing WhatsApp Groups
  • Booster Promotion
  • Customized templates
Promotion with LinkedIn / Twitter Handler
10 posts per month
  • Photo design
  • Trailing LinkedIn Profiles
  • Paid  Subscription Promotion
  • Customized templates
Promotion with YouTube / Bulk Mailing
1 video upload per month
10,000 emails per month
  • Channel & Video design
  • Customized templates for Products and Services
  • Reporting Analytics

Facebook / Instagram

Namisite helps corporate to create / organize their Facebook account to promote the daily / weekly / monthly posts. We use the Facebook paid service to boost the posts.

WhatsApp / Bulk SMS

One of key benefits for social media depends on the WhatsApp and thus we request our corporates to provide / add the groups to trail the posts as and when required.

LinkedIn / Twitter Handler

LinkedIn is now Microsoft and a complete professionl social site. We organise / maintain the highly professional posts towards the social promotion in our LinkedIn and Twitter handler.

YouTube / Bulk mailing

YouTube channel is a Google hosted media gallery and we use this for our social promotion. In addition, we also use the Bulk messaging and Bulk mailing services.

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