Enterprise Management Team(EMT)

Mrs. Gunjan Srivastava (Founder & Mentor)

Gunjan Srivastava is an IT professional who leads with open source stack since 15+yrs. She is dynamic in nature and very passionate about her dreams. She founded NAMISITE in july 2017 with focused IT enablement services.

Mrs. Renu Sharma
(Co-Founder & Mentor)

Renu Sharma is an entrepreneur with multiple years of IT skills. She  has done good innovative operations and Socio-Tech enablement services. She is very enthusiastic and skilled women.

Mr. Hemant Kumar

Hemant Kumar is an IT professional with 15+ yrs. of experience. He is a tech savy and handled multi-region and multi-technology Projects. He is a Microsoft-Azure certified professional.

Mr. Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar has extensive developement background. He has 18+yrs. of experience in Microsoft Technologies. He is a super focused and tech-oriented gaint. 

Abhishek Srivastava
(Head- Govt. Business)

Abhishek Srivastava is a self-driven  highly motivated and result-oriented IT professional. He has a fantastic road-maker for Govt. Business. He is an assest for our company.

Corporate Team

Ms. Mahima Singh
(Corporate Executive)

Competency:-  Mobile App. Management, Web Presence, Cloud Presence.

Mahima Singh has the best thinking power and customer focused problem solving skills. She is excellent with Mobile App. Development, Web (CMS) Presence and Cloud Migration skills.

Mr. Mohan Kumar
(Corporate Executive)

Competency:-    Web Presence, Mobile App. Management, Payment Gateway.

Mohan Kumar has the excellent management skill on problem solving techniques. He is focused with Web (CMS, Open-Source) Presence ,Mobile App. and Payment Gateway.

Ms. Laxmi Chauhan
(Corporate Executive)

Competency:-    Web Presence, Cloud Presence, Social Presence.

Laxmi Chauhan has the strong  understanding of customer Socio-Tech requirement. She is focused with design and development tech-tools for Web Presence , Cloud Presence and Social Presence.

Ms. Pragati Srivastava
(Corporate Executive)

Competency:-  Web Presence,  Social Presence.

Pragati Srivastava is skilled with market research and analytics information. She is equipped with tech tools and handling Web Presence and Social Presence in company.

Mr. Aryan Srivastava
(Corporate Executive)

Competency:-   Govt. Business Management, Cloud Presence, Resource Presence(Tech.).

Aryan Srivastava is handling  Govt. Business for cloud and Resourcing . He is responible for techinical resource hunting and enabling the business for Resource and Cloud presence.