Resource Presence

Get to Hire !

NAMISITE provides the corporate to hire a verified and good resource as per their need. We provide the support to get filter the right skilled technical resource for the right fit job at the right destination.

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Resource Outsourcing

NAMISITE helps their corporate customers to provide the periodic resources on a T-n-M mdel or billing model on the required Technical skills - like - Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS, Azure SaaS, Office 365, JAVA, .NET, OpenSource, LINUX etc...

Resource Training

NAMISITE offers the Technical aspirants to grow their knowledge and skills in certain area which is most demanded in the current marketplace. At present, we provide the paid training / Workshops in-

Microsoft Azure IaaS (L-100 / L-200 / L-300)

Azure PaaS (Complete Dev-Test, TFS, SharePoint, VSTS Online)

Microsoft Office 365 (Implementation, Migration, Administration)