HRMS (On Cloud)

We are the provider of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based Human Resource Management System (an Open Source) with 5+ required modules like ..HR, Recruitment, background, Appraisal, Time etc..

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benefit of using the HRMS SaaS application

Server Hosting & Administration -

We will manage the Server hosting and the complete IT backend job for you and you enjoy using the application hosted online.

Security & Data Protection -

We ensure you that, the data will be protected and secured in the SaaS model which is hosted by us in the Cloud.

Backup & Availability -

We ensure the high availability (99.5%) with all technical support to run your business 24x7. We care about the backup & restore.

HR module

- Employee Management
- Leave Management
- Exit Procedure
- Contacts


- Position Management
- Candidates Management
- Interviews
- Shortlisted & Selection


- Screening
- Agency login
- BGV reporting
- Candidate workflows


- Appraisal workflow
- Employee workflow
- Manager workflow
- Self & Team Appraisal