Exam Online (On Cloud)

We are the provider of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based Exam Online System (an Open Source) with 9+ required modules like ..User Management,Subject Management,Question Management, Exam Management, Result, Report & Graphs Management etc..

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Password = admin108

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Benefit of using the Exam Online System

Security of Examination Paper-

Online exam provides flexibility and security to the examination process. Once all the questions are uploaded in the system, the system can shuffle and give questions in different orders to different students.

Reduces Overheads  -

The overhead costs of securing an examination hall, printing out multiple question papers, providing students answer sheets  can really add up. Switching to an online examination system, directly reduces it.

Saves on Time Investment  -

Creating, administering and evaluating a test are time-intensive tasks . Using an online examination system allows some amount of reduction in the time investment required of the examination process as a whole.

User Management 

- Admin 
-  Examiner
- Question Setter
- Examinee

Result  & Report Management

- Examinees Report
- Exams Report
- Organizations overview
- Pass/Fail Report

Exam Management 

- Schedule Exam 
- Assign Questions
- Attend Exam
- Evaluate Exam

Manage Organization

- Schools 
- Colleges
- Organizations
- Institutions