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Office 365 Managed Services


Office 365 managed services ensure high availability to end users and continuous performance without disruption, which supports efficiency and stability of business processes that are dependent on technology (collaboration, workflows, etc.). Office 365 consulting enable us to bring professional Office 365 managed services to enterprises. Namisite delivers 24/7 monitoring and support services to allow for uninterrupted and fault-free functioning of your Office 365 environment.  

Office 365 Managed Services


You now have your Office 365 environment up and running, but you don’t have the time and resources to do the day to day administrative tasks. WME will provide you with a certified consultant that will complete these tasks for you not only saving you money, but time. They will not only assist with the day to day administrative tasks, they will also perform the weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks suggested by Microsoft best practices.


You can monitor the activity in your Office 365 environment by not only knowing when services are not available or degraded, but you can also monitor and audit behavioral actions in the cloud. You can analyze all of the actions in your cloud including the permissions and settings for all users, files, emails, and much more. WME will monitor these critical behavioral insights and will be able to notify you when there are irregularities that are showing up.


You can access all of the information about your Office 365 environment by a variety of reports. Having access to this information is critical for the success and the return on investment that you are making for Office 365. Having accurate and up to date information is critical in making decisions for
your businesses. WME will provide you with a variety of monthly reports that will assist you in making the right decisions at the right time.


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